What is a Blockchain?

If you’re reading this page, chances are you were given one of our BitcoinCash paper wallets at the 2018 Century 21 One21 Experience in Orlando, Florida. While it may look like a funny slip of waterproof paper, what you hold in hour hands is powered by an idea that could change the world. BitcoinCash is a cryptographic digital currency that’s created and transferred through a decentralized network of computers working all on something called a blockchain. Maybe you’ve heard of bitcoin before? BitcoinCash is one of several cryptocurrencies that have evolved from the original Bitcoin blockchain. Blockchains can be much more than a currency however. Since a blockchain uses advanced cryptography and has no central point of failure, it can be used for tracking payments, authenticating information, and more. Several companies are working on using blockchain technology in real estate as well. There are already initiatives to use it for title insurance, REITs, closing settlements, even a listing database. Cryptocurrencies powered by blockchain technology are being used for cash purchases of homes with more and more regularity. At CENTURY 21 Realty Partners we wanted to show that we are open for blockchain business. We also wanted to share this information with everyone in the Century 21 system in case they have a client or referral who’s looking to buy with bitcoin. Consider this little bit of BitcoinCash a pre-payment towards your next referral. Questions? Ready to send a Referral? Please find our contact information below or contact us here.

How To Use Your BitcoinCash Paper Wallet

A paper wallet is like a piggy bank: Add funds as often as you like, but only transfer (sweep) your funds once!

Transfer your new BitcoinCash into your favorite BitcoinCash wallet before January 1, 2019. Unclaimed BitcoinCash remaining after that date will be transferred back to us!

Need a BitcoinCash wallet? Consider Coinomi Wallet available for Android and iOS. It also provides wallets for dozens of other popular cryptocurrencies. Here’s how to use Coinomi to transfer your BitcoinCash off of your paper wallet:

  • Once you open Coinomi for the first time, tap the menu icon indicated by three bars on the top left

  • Tap on the “+COINS” tab and then select “BitcoinCash” from the menu

  • Enter a description if you wish and enter your Coinomi password, then tap “ADD”

  • You should now be taken to your new BitcoinCash wallet, tap the three dots in the top right to open the wallet menu and select “Sweep wallet”

  • Read the advisory at the top and click the gray QR icon to scan the private key QR code folded and sealed inside your paper wallet

  • Once the Private Key has been scanned tap “NEXT” then tap “CONFIRM” on the next screen

  • Congratulations! Your BitcoinCash has been transferred to your Coinomi BitcoinCash wallet

  • Remember, it may take several minutes before the BitcoinCash blockchain confirms your the transfer

  • Be safe, do not reuse your paper wallet!

  • Warning: Transfer the entire balance from your paper wallet! Due to the way blockchain payments work, the unused funds will be sent to a new address! If you use the “Sweep wallet” feature in Coinomi this will not be an issue.

What now? Transfer them to an exchange such as coinbase, spend them, or use shapeshift to convert them into other cryptocurrencies, or just hodl them and watch prices move. It’s up to you!

Don’t just take our word for how much is in your BitcoinCash wallet, you can verify the amount by scanning the QR code or entering the BitcoinCash address at explorer.bitcoin.com/bch or any other BitcoinCash block explorer of your choice.