31 08, 2017

We were about to close and Harvey trashed the house, now what?

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What happens when disaster strikes while a home is under contract? What do you do if your home was damaged and you still need to sell? We can absolutely help get you started in the right direction. Take a look at the following General Guidelines Regarding Insurance, Repair, and Pending Transactions after Hurricane Harvey. Everyone’s particular situation will be different, but everyone at CENTURY 21 Realty Partners will be on hand during the recovery process to make sure that our clients real estate needs are met.

  1. DISCLAIMER. We are not lawyers. We cannot give legal advice. This is general advice about real estate that is not legal advice and is not meant to apply specifically to any particular contract or client. All properties are case by case situations. All properties are different and will require different repairs.
  2. Insurance and FEMA.
    • There is a rumor spreading that you must make a claim by Friday, September 1 in order to be covered. This is false. Texas House Bill 1774 is about notice prior to filing lawsuits in regards to claims concerning certain insurance policies. For more information see the Texas Department of Insurance notice on HB 1774.
    • If you do not have flood insurance, you can can still file for disaster assistance through FEMA. FEMA will likely offer a loan to help repair/rebuild. The fastest way to register is to go to, if you do […]
29 08, 2017

Our Initial Harvey Recovery Efforts and How to Help

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Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by Hurricane Harvey and it’s aftermath. It is in times of peril and adversity that we come together to help our fellow human beings. Tomorrow, Wednesday August 30, our Lake Conroe office location will be staffed by our agents from 9-5 to help those in need. Please do not attempt to leave your house or shelter until it is safe to do so. Beware that flood waters are still moving. We will be a drop off point for those wishing to make material donations for those in shelters and those in need. Please keep in mind that money is the most useful donation, there is information on where to give money below. Here is a list of items that are currently being requested at George R Brown Convention Center. In BOLD is highest priority:

  • Toiletries (travel-size shampoo, conditioner & soap)
  • Wheelchairs
  • Bottled Water
  • Individually-packaged foods (not prepared)
  • Pillows (not used/secondhand)
  • Baby supplies (baby wipes, diapers, formula, new clothing)
  • Towels (not used/secondhand)
  • Blankets (not used/secondhand)
  • Toys/Books
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sweatsuits (not used/secondhand)
  • New L/XL clothing (not used/secondhand)
  • New Socks/Undergarments (not used/secondhand)

Here’s a similar list of shelters in Montgomery County and items needed.

Here are other ways to donate supplies:

7 06, 2016

Local Real Estate Market Update Videos from Century 21

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Did you know that has monthly market update videos for nearly every community in the United States? It’s true! Check the video to see how real estate market information about your neighborhood is just a few clicks away, thanks to CENTURY 21. If you’d like a link to a market update video for your area don’t hesitate to contact us. Just as an example, click any of these links to check out the market update videos for Conroe, Cypress, Huffman, Magnolia, and Spring. Through you can see keep track of the monthly market changes that effect where you are buying or selling a home. Just one more way that CENTURY 21 Agents are Smarter. Bolder. Faster.

19 05, 2016

2016 CENTURY 21 Realty Partners Award Winners

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The photos are in for our 2016 CENTURY 21 Realty Partners Award Luncheon. This is an annual event where we recognize Century 21 award recipients as well as recipients of our company awards. We were proud to host Chief Operating Officer of Century 21, Greg Sexton who flew down to Texas to congratulate our agents. See below for a few photos of our award winners. Check below for the list of our company award winners, for a list of Century 21 award winners please see our post here.


CENTURY 21 Realty Partners Award Winners at the 2016 Awards Luncheon,

in order of acceptance:


Agent Diversity Award Winner — Claude Humbert

Achievement in Technology Award — Elicia Frick

CENTURY 21 Realty Partners Outreach Award — Trish Matthews, our “Texas Realtor Hero

Horizons Star Award — Ruth Hawkins

Top Rookie in 2015 — Lauren Sharfman

Top Producing Rookie 2015 — Melissa Watson


Relocation Awards, Conversion Rates Over 50% — Diane Lominac, Linda Glenn, and Rainy Rawls

Relocation Awards, 2015 Closing Relocation Percentage 88% — David Hageman

Relocation Awards 2015 Relocation Outbound Referral Agent of the Year — Micki Dimmick

Relocation Awards, Relocation Affinity Agent of the Year — Linda Glenn

Relocation Awards, 2015 Relocation Agent of the Year — LaRenda Mosley


2015 Top Listing Agent, Conroe Office — Cindy Dodd

2015 Top Listing Agent, Cypress Office — Gina Baker

2015 Top Listing Agent, Lake Houston Office — LaRenda Mosley

2015 Top Listing Agent, Magnolia Office — Angela Adams

2015 #1 […]

29 03, 2016

Our 2016 Century 21 Centurions and Award Winners!

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We have amazing agents at CENTURY 21 Realty Partners. Twenty nine of those agents were recognized for their achievements by Century 21 during the 2016 Century 21 Global Conference. Of those, four won Centurion level awards! Three were able to take one -on-one pictures with Rick Davidson, CEO of Century 21. Those three were David Hageman, Linda LeMay, and Diane Lominac. Not pictured was fellow Centurion, Cindy Dodd, who also won a President’s Award and Quality Service Pinnacle. Congratulations to you as well Cindy! Take a look at the list of all our 2016 Century 21 Global Conference Award winners below the pictures.

Here are the additional award winners! Congratulations to you all!

Alisa Parsons: Quality Service Award
Angela Adams: Quality Service Pinnacle and Masters Diamond
Anne Hall: Quality Service Award
Becky Johnson: Quality Service Award
Darla David: Quality Service Pinnacle and Masters Diamond
Debbie Bradley: Quality Service Award
Diane Remick: Quality Service Award
Dustin Hill: Quality Service Pinnacle
Gina Baker: Quality Service Award and Masters Diamond
Guylaine Belley: Quality Service Pinnacle and Masters Ruby
Janet Maass: Masters Diamond
Krista Butler: Quality Service Pinnacle
Larenda Mosley: Quality Service Award
Lauren Sharfman: Quality Service Award
Linda Glenn: Quality Service Award
Lori Howard: Quality Service Award
Melissa Watson: Quality Service Award
Myrick Thibodeaux: Quality Service Pinnacle and Masters Emerald
Pam Eppes: Quality Service Award and Masters Ruby
Peggy Caldwell: Quality Service Award and Masters Ruby
Rainy Rawls: Quality Service Pinnacle and Masters Ruby
Ruth Hawkins: Quality Service Award
Sandy Summers: Quality Service Award
Trish Matthews: Quality Service Pinnacle
Verna Grudziecke: Quality Service Award

Also keep a lookout for the 2016 CENTURY 21 Realty […]

21 03, 2016

CENTURY 21 Realty Partners at the 2016 Century 21 Global Conference

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We at CENTURY 21 Realty Partners just had a phenomenal time at the 2016 Century 21 Global Conference. We had a sizable delegation of agents and managers who attended the convention in Orlando, Florida. Our accomplishments in 2015 earned four of our agents Centurion Award recognition from Century 21. We also stood out by offering complimentary virtual reality headsets branded with the CENTURY 21 Realty Partners logo. Even more amazing was the custom VR experience showcasing CENTURY 21 Realty Partners created by UFOSNAP. Our headset and web-based VR experience allows anyone with a smartphone to see 360 images of our offices and one of our exclusive listings. The links are already on the home page, but if you haven’t seen them yet, put on your favorite VR headset and check it out with a modern web browser. We look forward to utilizing more VR technology in the future. It’s just another of the many ways we at CENTURY 21 Realty Partners are SMARTER. BOLDER. FASTER. Check out some of the photos from the conference below!



9 02, 2016

Trish Matthews wins the 2015 Texas Realtor Hero Award

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If you haven’t heard already, Trish Matthews a REALTOR® with CENTURY 21 Realty Partners has won the 2015 Texas Realtor Hero Award given by the Texas Association of Realtors. The award is given annually in Austin to a single Texas REALTOR® for “outstanding achievement in advancing and promoting homeownership in Texas. ” We are naturally very proud of Trish and her amazing accomplishment. Trish has first hung her license with CENTURY 21 Realty Partners in 2012 and has been with us ever since. In that time she has proven her commitment to her clients time and time again. She is rated a full five star agent on both her agent profile and her agent profile based on completed client surveys. She has been a proud affiliate of the Homes for Heroes® program which “rebates, and discounts for firefighters, emergency medical professionals, military and veterans, law enforcement, teachers and healthcare workers when buying, selling, renting, or refinancing a home.” When we spoke to Trish about receiving this award, she said:

I serve heroes everyday that both save lives and educate. It’s hard to believe that by helping them I can be acknowledged as one too. I guess I just do what you’re supposed to do and give back to the community.

— Trish Matthews

We at CENTURY 21 Realty Partners congratulate you. In the time you have been with us you have done an incredible job and we look forward to continued success in your real estate career. Check out some of the pictures from the awards ceremony […]

1 02, 2016

Realty Partners in Monterrey, Mexico

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At CENTURY 21 Realty Partners, we are always striving to be the most dynamic brokerage possible. Since our company’s inception, we have always emphasized the importance of international real estate business to the modern real estate brokerage. Our agents have closed millions of dollars worth of real estate both here and abroad. We have built relationships with buyers and sellers from all corners of the globe, Canada, China, France, Mexico, and the UK just to name a few. In particular, Mexico is a critical economic partner for Texas with billions of dollars in cross border business. Monterrey, Mexico located three hours south of Laredo is the industrial powerhouse of modern Mexico. Monterrey is an leader in automotive, household appliances, logistics, machinery, steel, concrete, and glass production among many others. After improvements in the security situation, years of pent up demand have transformed this city’s skyline. Everywhere new shopping centers, industrial parks, condos, and offices are popping up. With so much excitement, we decided to go down to Monterrey to see the growth for ourselves and to network and learn from our colleagues on the other side of the border. Our delegation consisted of four people: Patti Beaulier, the broker/owner of CENTURY 21 Realty Partners; Calvin Beaulier, head of international real estate; Ben Fuentez, recruiter and manager; and Rosa Wilhelm, a bilingual agent who has closed dozens of international transactions.

We were generously hosted by representatives from AMPI, whose Spanish acronym means the Association of Mexican Real Estate Professionals, the sister organization […]

10 09, 2015

Houston Area Home Prices Continue to Rise

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Sales numbers from the Houston Association of Realtors (HAR) are out for August 2015. Check out the press release. A few highlights, the median sales price (the figure where half of homes sold for more, half sold for less) rose 4.9% year over year to $215,100. The average sale price rose nearly 3% to $282,233.  This means prices are still strong for the Houston area. The number of property sales has seems to have finally stabilized, with the total property sales and total single-family home sales basically the same as August 2014. Months of inventory have increased year over year by half a month to 3.5 months. This is still well under the national average of 4.8 months of inventory. Take a look at some of these figures in the table below. More comprehensive information broken out by market segments or category is available by request.

Total property sales 8,838 8,836 0.0%
Total dollar volume $2,293,946,040 $2,354,729,681 2.6%
Total active listings 29,574 34,089 15.3%
Single-family home sales 7,407 7,454 0.6%
Single-family average sales price $274,302 $282,233 2.9%
Single-family median sales price $205,000 $215,100 4.9%
Single-family months inventory 3.0 3.5 18.4%
Single-family pending sales 7,525 7,413 -1.5%