Location, location, phone reception?

Can you hear me now? Trying out reception before buying a new home could save you headaches later.

As professional Realtors and the SMARTER. BOLDER. FASTER. agents in real estate, we at CENTURY21 Realty Partners depend on our cell phones. Many of our clients have come to depend on their phones as well, for staying connected with both work and family. When service is spotty, we often feel as if we are lost in the Stone Age or at least the 80’s. Yet despite how critical connectivity is to many of us, it is surprising how often this factor gets overlooked in a property search.

While it is wise to check how many bars your handset has during showings (particularly in studies and offices), a new website and Android app, OpenSignal, offers offers robust tools to identify the quality of reception. Part of what makes OpenSignal particularly innovative is that reception quality is voluntarily reported from each user to make a searchable composite map of phone reception. This is potentially more accurate than carrier maps since it comes from a neutral source, consumers themselves. OpenSignal also reports only what other users have actually experienced, not theoretically should experience. The other innovation is an open interface that allows other software developers to use that map data with their own products. As seen on the official CENTURY21 twitterfeed, some in the industry are wondering when these maps could show up as overlays […]

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CENTURY 21 Realty Partners Continues Explosive Growth Trend

CENTURY 21 Realty Partners is growing again! We now have a new location in Cypress on US Highway 290 at 26321 NW Freeway, Suite 100. Cypress, TX 77429. So with great pleasure please welcome our newest team members:

Gina Baker, Jay Anderson, Stephanie Bradley, Katelin Humphrey, Sandra Keyser, Hugh McVie, Lisa Thompson, Tracy Crawford and Susan Quinn, formerly of Century 21 Cornerstone.

In addition to our new location, already this year we have opened a new office on Lake Conroe. Will have our Grand Opening for our Conroe location next Wednesday, September 26 starting at 4pm. 

Among our Grand Opening Attendees we will host Greg Sexton who was named Senior Vice President, Brokerage Services for Century 21 Real Estate LLC., Dale Omer our Regional Director, and Marilyn Holle our Business Consultant. We will also be hosting many other brokers, owners, managers and agents from around Texas to help us celebrate the opening of the Lake Conroe office. Please come out to hear about our growth and the support the Century 21® System can offer you in growing your business.

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A New Resident Every Five Minutes

Houston Skyline at Dawn More and more people are calling Houston home.

Anyone who lives in the Houston Area, native or transplant, can’t help but notice the continued growth in the region despite foreign and national economic woes. The folks at the Greater Houston Partnership were able to quantify this growth in their July 2012 economic report:

“The Houston metro area added 110,000 residents over the past 12 months, more than half through natural increase, the remainder from residents moving here from overseas and elsewhere in the United States.” — the Greater Houston Partnership

To put this in perspective, that means that there is a new Houstonian every five minutes! These numbers break down into slightly less than half of these new residents moving in from elsewhere, and the remainder comprised of current residents adding new little members to their families. Either way, Houston is growing, and the reason why can be summed up in one word: Jobs. Again from the Greater Houston Partnership,

“Since June ’11, the private sector has grown by 95,600 jobs, a 4.3 percent increase over the year. Houston matched the combined job creation of Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington (51,600 jobs), Austin-Round Rock, (4,400 jobs), and San Antonio-New Braunfels (10,500 jobs).”

Strong job growth means strong families, strong communities, and a strong housing market. With this growth projected to continue, many are deciding that now is the right time to make a move in Houston’s real estate market. If you are considering buying or selling […]

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Great things are on the horizon…

Welcome to the CENTURY 21 Realty Partners blog! This is our inaugural post, and we would like to personally thank you for reading it. What kind of information will you find on our blog? Well the latest real estate industry and economic news for one. Demystification of common real estate terms and concepts for another. Or how about, local market information and developments. Coupled with practical information and advice about buying or selling a home.  All of this liberally sprinkled with our own personal zest and charm. Stay tuned! Great things are happening at CENTURY 21 Realty Partners, and we are proud that now we can share them with you and the world.

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