As many of you know, CENTURY 21 International is headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey. Anyone who has seen the news in recent days is painfully aware of the devastation confronting many in New Jersey, New York, and the eastern seaboard. Hurricane Sandy has completely disrupted life and business as usual for many of our fellow CENTURY 21 brokers and agents in the affected areas. To this end, CENTURY21 President and CEO, Rick Davidson, has just notified the entire CENTURY 21 system that;

With the recent designation of Hurricane Sandy as a qualified disaster by the IRS, we are now able to use the Realogy Charitable Foundation to provide disaster relief funds directly to our affected CENTURY 21 franchisees, their agents and staff members in regions most impacted by the hurricane.

This foundation has set up a “Qualified Disaster Relief Fund” which will use 100% of the funds raised to directly help CENTURY 21 System members in their recovery efforts. Please bear in mind that the deadline for donations to the CENTURY 21 Qualified Disaster Relief Fund is Friday, Nov. 30, 2012. To make a tax-deductible donation to specifically help CENTURY 21 System members affected by the disaster, click here.

Here in Houston, we know a thing or two about Hurricanes and how tough they can be. We also know something about community, determination, and hope, and that together we can help each other weather the strongest storms. To all of our friends and colleagues on the east coast, know that your friends in Texas are standing with you.