CENTURY 21® Agents: Navigators of the Future of Homes

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CENTURY 21® Agents: Navigators of the Future of Homes

No matter how homes change in the future, buyers and sellers will still rely on real estate agents for expert advice and guidance. Although many of us remember the TV show The Jetsons and their now retro vision of tomorrow, our homes look as though they will be earthbound for the foreseeable future. What does appear to be changing however is how the technology inside of homes is becoming smarter and more interconnected. Although we may not have our own Rosie the Robot, in a few years many of us may have internet controlled HVAC systems and appliances. Our living rooms have evolved from little more than a black and white TV and couch of the 1950s to a room filled with dozens of blinking little plastic boxes and High Definition Television bringing us world of information and entertainment. USA Today has an article welcoming us to the future of homes and how the future is becoming the present. Much like our cell phones, we may not be far from the day where clients are asked if they are interested in a Google house or an Apple house. The convenience, efficiency, and intense personalization that an interconnected “smart” house offers to consumers presents an enormous opportunity for the companies and individuals who offer the best products in the marketplace. Who will help the homeowner navigate the digital maze? Real estate agents, particularly smart agents, such as the SMARTER. BOLDER. FASTER. agents at CENTURY 21 Realty Partners.

The future isn’t what it used to be.


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  1. Patti Beaulier January 9, 2013 at 5:55 pm

    The FUTURE of Buying or Selling a home! I was hoping for a “jetsons” style home when I grew up I even remember wishing for a car phone! not only do I have a car phone but I have the SMART phone and now I need the SMART home…..I just hope it not too smart sometimes you just want to sit on the deck and relax but of course with my smart phone and my wireless internet and surround sound and my dog Astro by the way……”hey Rose’ can you bring me another glass of my favorite beverage?” Lovin’ SMART stuff

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