Want a raise? Move to Houston.

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Where did wages increase the most in 2012? Since this is the official C21 Realty Partners blog, you may not be surprised to learn that it was none other than our fabulous metropolis, Houston (although we did tie with Seattle who also registered 4.8% year-over-year wage growth). Why did H-town lead the nation in wage growth? Just ask the folks at PayScale who track wage rates across the United States: “The largest city in Texas hosts a variety of strong industries, including aeronautics and healthcare, but the boom in the oil and gas industry has had the biggest positive impact on wages in Houston, historically.” With the Houston’s white-hot energy sector and a robust yet diverse economy that features everything from taco trucks to NASA, Houston will be welcoming many more newcomers in the near future. Given the massive new ExxonMobil campus being built just south of The Woodlands, the Houston job market will keep getting stronger. What does this mean for Real Estate? Higher wages equals more prosperity which means more demand for homes and businesses. The perfect time for natives and transplants alike to contact a CENTURY 21 Realty Partners agent.

The PayScale Index: Houston Metro Area by Quarter

Quarterly Compensation Trends for Houston Metro Area
© 2013 PayScale, Inc.
The PayScale Index uses 2006 average total cash compensation as a baseline.

Houston Metro Area

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Still the Most Recognized Brand in Real Estate†

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Real estate professionals want to work with a real estate brand that is experienced, recognized in the marketplace as an industry leader, and enjoys a reputation as the real estate organization consumers gravitate to when they think real estate. Consumers want to work with a real estate organization that is well known and respected. They want the reassurance an experienced real estate sales organization offers, one that has offices that are dedicated to meeting their needs. Well, once again, that brand is CENTURY 21®. How do we know? Well, the results are in for the 2012 Brand Preference and Ad Tracking Study. In 2012, the CENTURY 21 brand continued to maintain the highest brand awareness level among consumers presented with a list of several other real estate organizations; continuing a trend stretching back to 1999. In addition, the CENTURY 21 brand has kept its perennial status as “the most recognized name in real estate.” What’s new is that this year we were recognized as “the most respected in the industry” a new survey question introduced in 2012. As we are gearing up CENTURY 21’s advertising blitz at Super Bowl XLVII, combined with the consistently excellent service we offer all our clients, we at Realty Partners are positive these trends will continue long into the future.

Source: 2012 Ad Tracking Study.
The study was conducted in two waves by Millward Brown, a […]

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CENTURY 21® Agents: Navigators of the Future of Homes

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No matter how homes change in the future, buyers and sellers will still rely on real estate agents for expert advice and guidance. Although many of us remember the TV show The Jetsons and their now retro vision of tomorrow, our homes look as though they will be earthbound for the foreseeable future. What does appear to be changing however is how the technology inside of homes is becoming smarter and more interconnected. Although we may not have our own Rosie the Robot, in a few years many of us may have internet controlled HVAC systems and appliances. Our living rooms have evolved from little more than a black and white TV and couch of the 1950s to a room filled with dozens of blinking little plastic boxes and High Definition Television bringing us world of information and entertainment. USA Today has an article welcoming us to the future of homes and how the future is becoming the present. Much like our cell phones, we may not be far from the day where clients are asked if they are interested in a Google house or an Apple house. The convenience, efficiency, and intense personalization that an interconnected “smart” house offers to consumers presents an enormous opportunity for the companies and individuals who offer the best products in the marketplace. Who will help the homeowner navigate the digital maze? Real estate agents, particularly smart agents, such as the SMARTER. BOLDER. FASTER. agents at CENTURY 21 Realty Partners.

Fund Established to Help C21 Colleagues Affected by Hurricane Sandy

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As many of you know, CENTURY 21 International is headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey. Anyone who has seen the news in recent days is painfully aware of the devastation confronting many in New Jersey, New York, and the eastern seaboard. Hurricane Sandy has completely disrupted life and business as usual for many of our fellow CENTURY 21 brokers and agents in the affected areas. To this end, CENTURY21 President and CEO, Rick Davidson, has just notified the entire CENTURY 21 system that;

With the recent designation of Hurricane Sandy as a qualified disaster by the IRS, we are now able to use the Realogy Charitable Foundation to provide disaster relief funds directly to our affected CENTURY 21 franchisees, their agents and staff members in regions most impacted by the hurricane.

This foundation has set up a “Qualified Disaster Relief Fund” which will use 100% of the funds raised to directly help CENTURY 21 System members in their recovery efforts. Please bear in mind that the deadline for donations to the CENTURY 21 Qualified Disaster Relief Fund is Friday, Nov. 30, 2012. To make a tax-deductible donation to specifically help CENTURY 21 System members affected by the disaster, click here.

Here in Houston, we know a thing or two about Hurricanes and how tough they can be. We also know something about community, determination, and hope, and that together we can help each other weather the strongest storms. To all of our friends and colleagues on the east coast, know that your friends […]

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CENTURY 21® is going to Super Bowl XLVII

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As many of you may remember, on February 5th of this year CENTURY 21® ran an ad during Super Bowl XLVI that was broadcast before an all-time record television audience of 111 million. In so doing, we became the first real estate company in decades to advertise during the game itself, and brought our SMARTER. BOLDER. FASTER. agents to the forefront of our multifaceted advertising campaign. Athletics and achievement underscores our marketing campaign, which also included advertising in the Preakness and Belmont Stakes, the Olympics, and sponsorship of the US Men’s and Gold Medal winning Women’s Soccer teams. With all of this high profile advertising, the CENTURY 21® brand attracted 1.3 billion (with a “B”) media impressions.

What would be an appropriate encore for such a blockbuster year for our brand? As has already been announced by Bev Thorne, the CENTURY 21 international marketing guru, CENTURY 21 will be at Super Bowl XLVII on February 3, 2013! We will also be sponsoring an hour long pre-game show, and look for the SMARTER. BOLDER. FASTER. real estate professionals showing up at the start of the 3rd quarter.

At CENTURY 21 Realty Partners, we have already created quite a stir in our regional market, and CENTURY 21 International has been raising our profile to never before seen heights nationally and internationally. We look forward to 2013, and continued growth for ourselves and the brand.


Newest CENTURY 21® office location: SimCity Social

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CENTURY 21 Simcity Office The SMARTER. BOLDER. FASTER. agents in virtual reality. Now serving all of SimCity.

While it is no secret that CENTURY 21® is the most recognized name in real estate, we see no reason to rest on our laurels. Instead, as the SMARTER. BOLDER. FASTER. agents in real estate, we know that our future as a brand and effectiveness as marketers of our clients properties depends on reaching out to the next generation of home buyers and investors. Many of you have watched as we have had another breakout year with our corporate marketing campaign. First, CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC was the first real estate company to advertise during the Superbowl in over two decades, then we were an official sponsor of the US Men’s and Women’s Soccer Team and advertised during the 2012 Olympic games.

Now, we are reaching out on facebook inside the online world of SimCity Social. CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC has partnered with EA to allow players to open their own CENTURY 21® franchise right in their own virtual metropolis. SimCity Social is a facebook game that allows players to take the role of developers and urban planners to build and manage their own simulated city. SimCity Social has a quite large contingent of 25-34 year old players, or what our Chief Marketing Officer, Bev Thorne, calls the “next generation of buyers and sellers.” She goes on to explain our goals […]

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A New Resident Every Five Minutes

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Houston Skyline at Dawn More and more people are calling Houston home.

Anyone who lives in the Houston Area, native or transplant, can’t help but notice the continued growth in the region despite foreign and national economic woes. The folks at the Greater Houston Partnership were able to quantify this growth in their July 2012 economic report:

“The Houston metro area added 110,000 residents over the past 12 months, more than half through natural increase, the remainder from residents moving here from overseas and elsewhere in the United States.” — the Greater Houston Partnership

To put this in perspective, that means that there is a new Houstonian every five minutes! These numbers break down into slightly less than half of these new residents moving in from elsewhere, and the remainder comprised of current residents adding new little members to their families. Either way, Houston is growing, and the reason why can be summed up in one word: Jobs. Again from the Greater Houston Partnership,

“Since June ’11, the private sector has grown by 95,600 jobs, a 4.3 percent increase over the year. Houston matched the combined job creation of Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington (51,600 jobs), Austin-Round Rock, (4,400 jobs), and San Antonio-New Braunfels (10,500 jobs).”

Strong job growth means strong families, strong communities, and a strong housing market. With this growth projected to continue, many are deciding that now is the right time to make a move in Houston’s real estate market. If you are considering buying or selling […]

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